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Media Diary

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Computers are electronic devices that currently have strong influence on human life. A computer is a device that is normally programmed to perform numerous tasks. The tasks that computers can perform are both logical and arithmetic in nature. Computers have the ability to perform more than one type of task at a given time. They are a form of media and can be used to pass news, for social relationships and academic purposes. This paper discusses the relationship that humans have with computers, how they interact with the machines and the social influence of the devices. The paper will mainly focus on my experience in using computers.

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Using and Interacting with Computers

There are numerous uses of computers. The uses depend on the programs installed on the computer. Word development programs enable me to develop documents, letters, and spreadsheets. These programs help me to make reports, complete assignments and write articles. On the other hand, spreadsheets allow me to prepare financial documents, prepare tables, and make quick calculations. There are also database programs that allow me to prepare and store data. The programs enable the development and storage of information in a systematic manner. The data prepared through database programs can include names, salaries, numbers, and so on. Communication programs allow me to connect with friends and other people. Online services also allow me to know what is going on in other places in the world. There are also recreational programs that I use. They enable me to play games, listen to music, and do other activities. These tasks can be grouped into five categories. They are information acquisition, viewing of movies, article composition, online interaction, and information dissemination.

I interact with computers in various ways. The interaction normally depends on the design of the computer that I use. A standard computer is composed of a monitor, a central processing unit, and a keyboard (Haklay 2010, pp. 5). The moitor has a screen that displays information. The central processing unit contains all the hardware and the motherboard that makes the computer operate. Finally, the keyboard contains buttons that are used to type information displayed on the screen. These components of computers enable me to interact with the media devices.

Significance of Computers

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Computers have influenced human interaction in various ways. Personally, computers have influenced my life in a variety of ways. This is the reason why I have decided to write an article about a computer as a media form. Currently, computers have provided employment to a great number of people. Many people work using their computers to make a living. Additionally, many people and organizations use computers to increase their work efficiency. The devices increase the rate at which work can be completed. They also enable the production of an accurate work. Computers also enable creativity in the production of documents, movies, and music. Through the machines, words can be manipulated to achieve different goals. Moreover, music and other sounds can be manipulated to produce different effects on listeners. The passage of information through the internet also has great influence on human societies. Notably, computers are the mainly used devices to pass information via the internet. That is why computers have become the media devices of great significance to humans.              

Social Impact of Computers

The social impacts of computers are numerous. It has affected various sectors of the society like banking, education, science and so on. In addition, computer technology has increased the rate at which information can be passed from one region of the world to another. The social influences of computers can be categorized into positive and negative groups. One of the influences is that work can be completed within a short time. This makes it possible for people to complete numerous tasks within a givenn time. Additionally, a lot of information can be passed or kept in a minute’s space. Computers also enable easy accessibility to the information stored. It enables documents to be stored in files that can be easily accessed. Furthermore, they enable multitasking to be possible. These features of computers have made it possible for people to work efficiently and effectively. Consequently, human societies have developed faster and economies have grown profoundly. More importantly, the use of computers as a media form has led to the reduction of poverty (Mamaghani 2010, pp. 607). They have also increased human interaction through social media sites like Twitter (Noor-Al-Deen & Hendricks 2012, pp. 3).

However, there are negative social influences that computers have had on human societies. Computers have resulted in high unemployment in many countries (Greenberg 1994, pp. 182). Previously, many people were required to complete certain tasks. However, with the efficiency associated with computers, few people are required to complete certain tasks that were previously done by many people. In addition, computers are expensive and only the rich can afford them. Thus, they result in an increase in the gap between the poor and the rich. Data piracy is also associated with the use of computers (Dale & Weems 2010, pp. 25). Moreover, computers are used to pass information that may not be appropriate. For example, there is no restriction on the use of the internet for information acquisition. Finally, computers may pass wrong information and cause accidents. Currently, computers are used to control traffic, airplanes, and certain medical procedures. However, they are machines and can pass information that may cause disasters.

 Thus, as an individual who uses computers as media forms, I recognize both the positive and negative influences that computers have in my life.

The goal of this paper was to discuss various issues on computers. It has provided information on how humans interact with the machines, their influences in the society and how humans relate to them.

Buy custom Media Diary essay

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