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Proposed Solutions to Commercial Technological Culture

Buy custom Proposed Solutions to Commercial Technological Culture essay

Buy custom Proposed Solutions to Commercial Technological Culture essay

Man’s self-interest played a significant role in the transformation of technologically-based developments in both communication and transportation sectors. The evident widespread approval of radio, television, the Internet, automobiles as well as airplanes depict a channel through which fundamental forms of information reached people across the globe. Consequently, implementation of the aforementioned technological devices aided in physical transportation of goods and services. Furthermore, technological advances lead to an immediate expansion of inter-regional types of trade activities as well as surfacing of integrated national beliefs and cultural practices. However, the process of catapulting technology to another advanced level did not come up without intrusions to different distinct practices which had already been carried out for a substantial number of years. For instance, with the intense commercialization of technological culture, intense over-exploitation of resources was experienced across the globe. Both renewable and non-renewable resources were cleaned out to pave the way for modern practices. Second, commercialization of technology culture has led to international forms of violence hence the loss of security. This is evident in the course of developing sophisticated weapons of power. Third, the activity led to the explosion of human population as well as their composition. Thus, this research paper tries to propose different solutions which can be resourceful in enclosing these negative effects caused by intense commercialization of technology.

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Proposed Solutions to Commercialized Technological Culture

The first solution is to encourage the strengthening of people enlightenment level through formulating educational programs on patriotism and communism This means that people’s mind will be focused upon a distinct level of mental firmness on issues pertaining to ideological appropriateness. Given the fact that resources situated across the globe can be accessed through the technological paths, society needs to be provided with an expert who will guide them to the right path to assume before downgrading one’s level of understanding. For instance, with the emergence of the Internet, a vast amount of information is able to be distributed across different societies of the globe. However, a resourceful guiding expert is needed to help ascertain the positivity and negativity of embracing it into one’s cultural practice. Evidently, the Middle East also encouraged the enlightenment of its population on matters pertaining to potential developments long before the awakening of both the Dutch and the European influences (Day, 2008). It is stated that the Muslim world delayed potential level of invention, innovation as well as technological approval in order to avoid a stultified condition (Day, 2008). Thus, educational institutions should provide a theory-based facility where policies and theories of technology can be accessed before adoption hence affecting the social strata of a given society.

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Second, a distinct solution to the negative impact of commercialization of technological culture can be enhanced through the encouragement of moral assembling, resisting the penetration of corrupt thoughts as well as the culture itself. It is stated that there are two basic forms of technological advancement. The first is the one which is concerned with mythologies about self-interest that translates to personal successes. The second is the continuing spread of improper levels of information to the public domain. Hence, it is fair that people are encouraged to steer away from these selfish forms of mythollogies which benefit few individuals at the expense of the majority. Furthermore, these mythologies separate persons from reality; the latter advocates for a collective level of responsibility. Thus, the capacity to strengthen one’s ability will help to identify and reject negative influences. This facet can be achieved through enlightening persons on moral values as well as the positive aspect of embracing collectivism type of culture (Day, 2008).

Third, the responsible department within the government should formulate rules and policies which should be aimed at limiting the adoption of certain levels of technological culture (Day, 2008). For instance, in matters pertaining to health statuses and thus to the composition of a given society, necessary policies should be formulated in order to discourage the over explosion of population. This means that the responsible agencies should conduct a recurring research exercise in order to ascertain that the rules and policies have proven effective in containing the situation. In case of the commercialized Internet structure, policies should be put in order to strictly adopt efficient working and operating procedures so that a vast amount of a society’s resource is prevented from malicious loss and destruction.

In conclusion, the solutions to be adopted in order to contain the menace involved with the commercialization of technological culture include the strengthening of people’s enlightenment level through educational programs on patriotism and communism, encouraging adoption of vast levels of moral assembling, resisting the penetration of corrupt thoughts as well as the culture itself and, finally, formulating rules and policies which should be aimed at limiting the adoption of certain levels of technological culture within a given society as a whole.

Buy custom Proposed Solutions to Commercial Technological Culture essay

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