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Media Writing Analysis

Buy custom Media Writing Analysis essay

Buy custom Media Writing Analysis essay

I have chosen a “Community Role Fits Mr. Optimism” which is Feature Writing. This is because of a number of reasons. In the first place, the article begins with an introduction where they told us about Allan Jamir thus drawing the reader into the story. It is then written in a narrative format since it talks about Jamir, what he does, why, where, when, and how he did it. It takes a form of a narrative arc. In this case, it has an introduction that brings out the conflict, the body that is where the activities of Jamir are discussed and also has the conclusion that reveals the resolution to the conflict in the introduction. This article is quite longer than a traditional news story. Lastly, the article is based on historical sequence and achievements of Allan Jamir.

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This is motivational story to the community as a whole. Allan Jamir is committed to serve the community and especially the youth as his main target.  This article enhances a new dimension in many organizations and promotes the youth in the job market.  Among many different organizations that Jamir worked is Green Bay in 1988 and as a District governor for the Optimist Organization in 2000 – 2001, he promoted his ‘Friend of Youth’ philosophy. He also sits on many different boards. This promotes positive public relations.

The role of this activity is to enlighten us about media writing. Based on this, I have learned the various styles and structures of media writing and there importance. It has also enabled me to understand better ways of covering different stories by using an appropriate type of media writing. I have also been able to realize that different articles have different styles of media writing depending on there content and coverage.

Buy custom Media Writing Analysis essay

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