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Probable Reasons for Application Delay: Kansas State Board of Nursing

Buy custom Probable Reasons for Application Delay: Kansas State Board of Nursing essay

Buy custom Probable Reasons for Application Delay: Kansas State Board of Nursing essay

Kansas State Board of Nursing is a nursing regulation agency established in 1913. The agency is mandated with the task of protecting the public health of the State’s citizens through transparent licensing and regulation of nurse-graduates both within and outside the country (KSBN.Org, 2012). The agency requires graduates to provide relevant information in order to get accredited to overseeing the various health matters of the citizens. However, it should be noted that the whole process of application requires a vast number of resources which may include both time and funds. This means that the entire process involves extensive scrutiny and, thus, may cause delay, especially because there are numerous requirements which have to be met. Notwithstanding, there are different rationales behind which an application process can be delayed. First, an application process might take long before one is approved due to the fact that there might be few discrepancies through the course of applying. For instance, it is noted that when applying for the membership license, the application form needs to fulfill such formidable requirements, as being tidy, no evidence of white-out applied in the course of providing relevant information, as well as signing the form in the course of the original date o application (KSBN.Org, 2012).

Second, there might be a delay when receiving the license from the Board due to the assumption that one’s fingerprints might still be under legal scrutiny in order to ascertain cases of crime involvement on the part of the applicant. This process might take long since the Board will need to perform an analysis of the fingerprints across all the necessary States, whereby the applicant is purported to have been practicing the trade. In this case, the applicant is alerted on the delay, as well as the reason for the cause.

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Third, the application process might take long in case of foreign nursing graduates. This is attributed to the fact that they undergo a distinctive, yet involving form of testing in comparison to the nurses who graduated from institutions within the country. The delay is, in most cases, caused by the time spent by the Kansas State Board of Nursing to receive formal approval documents in order to test the students’ transcripts or degree posted as the transcript in the course of application.

Fourth, the delay might be caused due to lack of using the correct channel of communication. This is especially experienced in case of re-sit of examination. The Board reequires one to use mail as the formal channel of communication meaning that re-applications sent as Faxes are not accepted. It should also be noted that in the course of re-sitting for NCLEX exam, an applicant should meet the whole requirements needed for successful completion of the process, such as payment of the fee through PearsonVue, as well as presenting the whole document which stipulates completion of petition for permission to undergo the test or re-test process. Notably, the later requirement is only applicable to those applicants who have served a two-year period in the field after graduation was effected. The assumption that an applicant should have, at minimum, spent two years after graduation in the field before they are accepted for the test is a delay in itself. This is because of the wastage of time, as well as other resources in the course of successful graduation. Furthermore, the entire period needed for documents approval presented by an applicant is sometimes perceived to be more extensive than it is purported (KSBN.Org, 2012).

To sum up, the entire application process requires the applicant to present all the required documents as well as pay the fee before the license is issued. The amount taken to receive the license depends on the aforementioned facets.

Buy custom Probable Reasons for Application Delay: Kansas State Board of Nursing essay

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