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Obesity in Children

Buy custom Obesity in Children essay

Buy custom Obesity in Children essay

This is an essay on the effects of obesity in children. Obesity is the state of being seriously overweight to an extent that it affects ones health. Obesity is regarded as the most common dietary crisis faced by most children and a lot of Americans in general today. An alarming number of children are obese and developing diseases normally seen in adulthood. Overweight adolescents face a greater risk of dying from heart disease in adulthood. Even the youngest citizens are at risk- about 10 percent of pre-schoolers weigh more than it is healthy for them.

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The infants and children are not excluded from this deadly health threat. This condition often occurs when children take more calories than their bodies can utilize. Similar case applies with adults, this puts children in a very high risk of other health complications like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), Metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea, heart disease, stroke, hypercholesterolemia, certain cancers, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease and gallstones, fatty liver disease also known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH, gout, gastro esophageal reflux disease(GERD) and depression.

Some of the factors that lead to obesity include: genetics, environmental factors, social factors, illnesses, medications. The technique for maintaining or losing weight is the same both in children and adults with the exception that children require more nutrients in their daily diet. The most important goal should be to feed a chid with a healthy diet and find ways to increase its physical activity. Healthy eating and exercise habits should be thought of as a single entity for a child's best of health. The essay also discusses some of the common causes of obesity in children.  


Genetics and DNA have been found to be a contributing factor in the causes of childhood obesity. Unluckily, some children are naturally disposed to obesity. These children are born with genes that make them to acquire weight more quickly than other children, this certain genes end up storing the fat more easily than those children without them. There is little that these children can do about their genes but there are steps that they can take to overcome obesity (Peterhutch, par. 5).

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Lack of Physical Activity

Lack of enough physical activity is the common cause of obesity in children. With the popularity of computers and home based video gaming systems, children have less and less reason or drive to do any physical activity in the field. Video games have become so realistic and lifelike that children simply become addicted in them. It becomes very difficult to change their mind that running around and playing outside can be just as fun as conquering the latest video game sensation and it makes one to be physically fit (Peterhutch, par. 6).

Dietary Habits

Children's dietary haabits have shifted away from healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to a much greater reliance on fast food, processed snack foods, and sugary drinks. These foods tend to be high in fat and/or calories and low in many other nutrients. Patterns associated with obesity are eating when not hungry and eating while watching TV or doing homework.

Socio-Economic Status

Low family incomes and having non-working parents are associated with greater calorie intake for activity level.


Certain medical conditions can cause obesity although rarely. They include hormones or other chemical imbalances and inherited disorders of metabolism. Certain medication can cause weight gain by altering how the body processes food or stores fat (eMedicineHealth, par. 1).

Effects of obesity in children

Emotional and Psychological effects

Children who are overweight face numerous challenges in their childhoods. When they face stereotypes and unfriendly age mates it leads them to deeper frustration. This is dangerous because the psychological development that children undergo in their early years will possibly set a foundation for the remaining part of their lives. Although not all obese children face negative psychological experiences, other common challenges can be seen (eHow, par. 1).

Buy custom Obesity in Children essay

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