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Description of Innovation

Buy custom Description of Innovation essay

Buy custom Description of Innovation essay

Writing is an art, effective writing the perfected form of the art. A curriculum that allows learner focus on his abilities to write or read revels in the abilities and internalization of the learned concepts. The multidisciplinary connection between language and other core classes’ calls for superb articulation of language as well as contextual capabilities. The teacher needs to show leadership whilst the students have an obligation to exercise even more positive role as well as character. With student evaluation an area of big concern, the conception of content as well as their inferred understanding could as well be monitored through their written work.

There is an urgent need to incorporate writing into the curriculum. The role of the students in such a curriculum is easy to understand as well as to operate. The teacher role will be to pioneer the program as well as act as the guide to ensure that the skill sinks for the student. The parent will have a special role to play. By providing as little as writing materials as well as going through their children written work. The practical work will be simple for the child learner who has a lot to explore buoyed by their still growing mind. Eventually, the learner will recognize it as part of the learning strategies whose success equals an overhaul of the overall performance. 

In a multicultural society, there is always a definite right to diverse thoughts and strategies. Therefore, through   writing, the individual points of view get appreciated as well as fully learned. The eventual success of this program lays on the recognition of the diverse points of view dictated by the multiplicity of cultures. For the teacher, recognition of different cultures and their appreciation is not only a token but also a blessing that they should strive to cacamoniously exercise throughout the rigorous process of teaching.

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Tremendously, technology and science has signified the 21st century. Scientist have been able to delve into the brain matters and explore the best modes of teaching. Technology has also offered an increased platform for indulgence into activities which were impossible in the years prior due to unimaginable costs and complexity. This has effectively changed the perception tat would require students to write with the only available medium; i.e. paper and ink. There are numerous opportunities that can be explored including the use of a computer to type their work. This will adversely affect their reading habits because they will be able to go through their own written work during revision. The pieces of work that they type can also be printed for ease of legibility.

Writing, by its nature, is a correlation of multiple dimensions of thought and experience. Writing then becomes an outer response to an inner curriculum of experience and knowledge McCutcheon (2006). As students acquire knowledge through reading, they are able to express their inner thoughts, feelings, cultural understanding and fears through writing. Writing through this curriculum also lends itself to the development of brain based assets, strategies and character education.

The goal of the classroom is not necessarily to write a masterpiece, but to learn appreciate writing as an integral part of expression. Through writing, easily recognizable graphic drawings or patterns can be acclimatized into an effective piece of the students’ perception of tasks and duties.  This could range from numbers, alphabetical letters as well as graphic representations of numerous varied tasks. Thus, at any cognitive level, the student is capable of undetaking writing as an art, a special ingredient into the success of their academic welfare.

Special education children can get involved and enjoy the academics through writing. The innate cognitive ability does not drop in the inclusion of writing in the curriculum. Therefore, through written matter, the blind conceive the world; the deaf and dumb can easily read, understand and effectively respond to the stimuli initiated.

Technology is definitely an instrument in the hands of the student. Technology in and of itself does not have the ability to change a student and has not been as useful in teaching and learning as some might think (Armstrong, 2003). Technology becomes a tool and the student using the tool while learning becomes the focus of the student and the teacher. It is a tool and is included in the framework for instructing the student, as would a curriculum document or curriculum guide as defined by Armstrong (2003). Using technology to write has completely changed the academic way of life. The thought of using a computer does not elicit a vision of active participation in the language learning lessons in the students head but may as well be the perfect pathway to elicit responsible thinking and understanding behavior. Therefore, through writing the engagement of the learners mind becomes distinct and crucial.

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Technology is available which allows all ages both readers and nonreaders to write. The technology is inexpensive and readily available. Classes could use this technology as a group project through the use of one computer or use the school computer lab as a place of creative expression. In and by themselves, students can gauge the progress achieved by examining through exchanging written scripts and correcting each other. This does not exclude the teacher or even the parent. They play a crucial role in developing the immediate writing skills in the students’ brain.

The economic ability of the parent will determine which way to go. If a parent decides to go the paper and ink way so should it be. But, the curriculum will assume the relatively cheap path of computer use and practice which will in turn be essentially a form of exploration for the students. Perfected use of the computer as a facility offers a wide range of practical dispensation leading to expertise in the field of computer use. It also recognizes the paradigm shift from traditional modes into new and easy means of education acquisition and inquisition.

Using a computer to write requires software and some hardware. There are many software choices available. Much of the software available is very intuitive. The common software is the Microsoft Office suite which offers a range of packages with diverse functions. The most commonly used is the Microsoft Office Word. It perfectly conforms to the writing standards offering a wide range of valuable writing resources. There is also the employable idea of initiating the writing process through software called typing tutor which serves to dispense skills and ideas necessary for typing.

 The world is very dynamic and so is technology. The software mentioned above is upgraded by the mother company ensuring it conforms to all user needs. This offers a chance to incorporate new suggestions as well as welcome new ideas aimed t making the final product better and easier to use. Other software programs could be used reflect a more traditional use of music notation with midi and other means to create music. Some of the software packages that are available are complex. These software packages would require a lot of instruction for students to use in an elementary classroom. Althouggh, the writer has successfully used software like what was previously described with young students.

Students could also do without the computers. In a case whereby the parents are ultimately unable to purchase the prized asset for their children, they could be forced into accepting the use of common writing material like books, writing pads and even locally produced writing boards for practice. The goal and focus should never be shortchanged and thus improvisation ranging from the teacher to the students will be of much essence. The focus should remain on the individual student and equally retain the competence of the teacher in imparting knowledge, skills and abilities into the minds of young ones. Through writing, students will be able to store the knowledge acquired in their brains.

Both writing and improvising skills should be included in the learning process and would be part of the curriculum. In addition to writing the forms read, students will be required to come up adequate new forms. This will result in a contextual clear norm of writing maintained and respected within the student fraternity and access of individually well, written materials will be guaranteed. The understanding that human beings hold special creativity abilities as well as the talented nature of humans will eventually lead to a well documented system that will operate within the school for generations to come.

The initiation of this curriculum will target language arts lessons. They will then expand to include the other academic disciplines. Eventually, it will become a common norm and attached to it will be the perfection of writing as an art. Thus far, the use of writing as a curriculum of enhancing student performance has been viewed from a holistic and gestalt point of view.

Teachers may decide to the elements of writing by full immersion program. Thus, delving into the written world, the students will draw conclusions from the after effects of such a well sustained program.  This will make the students feel like equal stakeholders as well as the most important elements necessary for the success of the curriculum.

In the advent of new technology, it is difficult to predict the upcoming trends. But one thing for sure is to remain, writing as a skill and best mode for understanding as well as storing information. Therefore, the emphasis on the introduction of writing is a step towards the best trend. The student’s good perception of the idea as well as the thinking behind the effectiveness of both reading and writing for academic matters will surely hold for long periods to come.

Brain based assets and strategies would be used in the teaching strategies of learning the skills of writing. In an interdisciplinary setting, the writing process will adhere to Conyers and Wilson (2004-rev,ed.) description and assets called the three phases of genius. Strategies and asset building would be a priority for the student. This will ensure that writing is not restricted to the language arts but will escalate to other subjects. This will underline the essence of teacher leadership and student collaboration and eventually seek to improve the student’s academic footing.

The eventual success of this program will see it incorporated into the teaching of elementary and lower school levels and the final program will see a dynamic setting wary of the central role of writing to their success in the academic arena. This will stress the efforts of all educational stake holders; students, teachers and parents alike and see the working in harmony for the success of the educational sector.

Buy custom Description of Innovation essay

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