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Supreme Being

Buy custom Supreme Being essay

Buy custom Supreme Being essay

“The country you inhabit no longer belongs to Mexico, but to a mighty nation whose territory extends from the great ocean you have all seen or heard of, to another great ocean thousands of miles toward the rising sun” (Howard).  The quote was spoken by naval officer Revere who was addressing the Indian chiefs. The topic of this assignment is “we take nothing by conquest, thank God. Conquest can be defined as the course of getting something through forceful means. 

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However, to understand the relationship between the quote and the topic of the assignment, one must be a believer of a Supreme Being- and in this case God to be precise . With an exception of people who believe in the formation of the earth through natural means, the others give credit of a Supreme Being, God, though different people have different versions of the word. The believers of a Supreme Being, credit God with the creation of the earth where He created oceans, the sun among many other creations.

Here, we see the naval officer addressing the Indian chiefs using the quote to show that they don’t have to struggle to conquer a land and erect the landmarks of their territory; rather they “take nothing by conquest” and “thank God”. Thus, we can conclude of this statement that they give credit to God for having set the landmarks of the extent of their territory using his creations, that is, the oceans and the rising sun. Geographically, an extent of an ocean to another ocean covers a great distance. To another great “toward the rising sun, shows the direction, that is toward the East. Thus the addresser uses God’s creation to describe in layman’s terms the both the expanse and the direction of their territory. I decided to take this quote because it describes in vivid yet layman’s terms using creations; and has a close relation to the topic.

Buy custom Supreme Being essay

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