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Identity Theft and Identity Fraud

Buy custom Identity Theft and Identity Fraud essay

Buy custom Identity Theft and Identity Fraud essay

They occur when a person impersonates your name, Social Security details for criminal purposes. Fraudsters send spam emails that try to make you show your personal details, they read discarded bills for personal information, pick-pocketing and pretending to be officials from genuine organizations and try to coerce you to reveal your personal information. I experienced it when I suspected a person was stalking me but when my wallet was pick-pocketed, I took no chances and reported to the police station. People should take preventive measures such as delete spam emails, reporting lost personal items or suspicious stalkers to the authorities and never reveal personal information to other people other than authorities or genuine officials such as bank officials.

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Identity fraud happen after impersonators get access to your personal details, Social Security number or credit card number illegally and are commit criminal activities. It may happen after identity theft or after giving a person the personal information for specific reasons but that are used for other purposes (Books, LLC, 2010).  On one of my drinking sprees, I must my wallet and personal information must have been stolen for when I woke up my pockets were empty. Thinking I must have left it at home, I never reported to the authority. Later I realized that some money was withdrawn from one of my accounts without my consent. Preventive measures include shredding or burning dustbin waste; being cautious when online shopping and feeding debit details to websites; using codes that are not obvious ; and avoid spam emails; keep important personal details in a secure place.

Buy custom Identity Theft and Identity Fraud essay

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