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Buy custom BreadTalk essay

Buy custom BreadTalk essay

Strengths of BreadTalk Group Limited

In light of skilled administration, BreadTalk Group Limited’s chairperson, Mr. George Quek, listed the group in SGX in the year 2003. This was basically three years after the company’s establishment in the year 2000. The chairperson managed to win the Ernest and Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year 2006” and “Entrepreneur of the Year 2002” awards by constantly positioning the company as an inspirational organization that makes consumers happy and satisfied.

Exceptional product equity and distinctive idea

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In Singapore, BreadTalk Group Limited is the main innovative bakeries and it has established product fairness and exceptional perception. The company won the “Singapore Promising Brand Award 2002.” Moreover, the SPH and ASME voted it as the Most Popular Brand in Singapore in a combined survey. In addition, the group is among the first to diverge from the conventional standards of bakery through the introduction of “observe through glass panels” to show the processes undertaken in making bread and the kitchen. These changes earned the company an extensive acknowledgment for its conspicuous and obvious design that is superior.

Originality and extensive product variety    

Through novelty and product variety, BreadTalk Group Limited provides an extensive ange of goods at its retail stores to achieve client approval and fulfillment. Currently, BreadTalk Group Limited offers more than 150 assortments of buns, cakes, breads and pastries in the region. The company’s inventive examination and expansion group continually launch fresh products, roughly 10 items per quarter, to meet the ever-changing preferences of the customers.     

Product improvement and sector diversification

Furthermore, the group expanded in 2003 and it diversified its business operations. The diversifications included Din Tai Fung (restaurants), The Icing Room, Toast Box, The Station Kitchen (at St. James Power Station), Carl’s Jr in China and Food Republic (Food Courts). Notably, the expansion and diversification of the group were a success and it resulted in a significant increase in the company’s revenues.

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Strategic retail outlet locations

The company also chooses strategic locations for its retail outlets. BreadTalk Group Limited carefully selects locations that have elevated human interchange and with undemanding accessibility for its retail outlets. Additionally, the company chooses locations that have high visibility for its retail outlets. In many cases, the retail outlets of BreadTalk Group Limited are located next to Light and Mass Rapid Transit Rail stations. Other outlets are located near trendy shopping centers and superstores.    

Weaknesses of BreadTalk Group Limited

Competition from Indirect and Direct rivals

BreadTalk Group Limited faces stiff competition from both straight and tortuous rivals. The group’s direct rivals are numerous for there are countless apprentice bakeries in the market with relatively cheap products that they provide to customers as alternatives. Some of the competitors include Crystal Jade Breads and Four Seasons. These two novice bakeries have relatively comparable products and ideas. On the other hand, the indirect competitors of the company have unique but fascinating and meticulous products. The products of the indirect competitors have an ever-increasing figure of purchaser's interests in the marketplace. The indirect competitors of BreadTalk Group Limited include bakeries that have specialized for example Twelve Cupcakes and Donut Factory.            

Low Barriers to Market Entry in the Food and Beverage Industry

There are limited barriers to entrance in the Food and Beverage industry in Singapore. In fact, there are almost no barriers to entry in the Food and Beverage industry in Singapore. This leaves the doors open to any organization that has adequate resources and capital to enter the food and beverage industry in Singapore. This is a challenge to BreadTalk Group Limited as many organizations may enter the industry and intensify competition in the market.

Buy custom BreadTalk essay

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