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Buy custom Personal Response essay

The goal of the research is to identify the effects working mothers may have on their children and they should know how their work may influence their children (Social Science Space, 2012). The questionnaire is designed to gather data about working mothers in a particular area of study (Science Buddy, 1991).  Adults (age 30-40) will be interviewed to discover whether their mothers worked or not and how their lives were affected by mothers’ work. The cross-comparison of the respondents’ conditions of life will be done. We will discover whether the the children, whose mothers worked, were more or less successful in comparison to the children, whose mothers did not work. The final result of the research i to identify whether working mothers could make their children happier and healthier. The questions should be brief, understandable, and structured. The main challenge of our research is to keep the questionnaire short, provide informative and thoughtful answers. Therefore, we should set clear goals and understand how to achieve the best results in a short period of time.

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Student 1 Response

This answer is informative and clear. I do agree with the ideas offered as data gathering and methods’ choice play an important role in the research. The work should be structured, the approaches are to be defined, and clear objects have to be set. Still, I cannot agree thaat all questions in the survey have to be impersonal to get honest answers. I think that it is better to rely on personal experience to present interesting information.

Student 2 Response

This is a general answer but it contains a number of interesting facts. First, it is necessary to take into consideration such factors as race, education, or even employment during the research. The researcher has to narrow down the topic at the very beginning to avoid challenges in the future. Secondly, stratification is a good approach; still, it is not the only one that should be used. Therefore, this answer has to be improved by using more specific examples and approaches.

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