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Conflict between England and the IRA

The Irish Republican Army refers to a republican terrorist organization that has been fighting against the British, mainly in Northern Ireland, and claims to be representing the biggest Catholic Nationalist community found in Northern Ireland.

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The attacks of the IRA on Britain were majorly as a protest against the Protestant’s treatment of the Catholics in Northern Ireland. The peak of the attacks were marked by the notable attacks of the Bloody Friday of 1972 in Belfast, the assassination of queen Elizabeth II of 1979, and the car bombing of 1998 that killed over 29 people.

From the above listed series of attacks, it is quite clear that the war between the IRA and Britain is similar to that witnessed in the Midle East, and largely because it is also fueled by religion differences witnessed in the two areas.

Situation in Gaza Strip

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Hamas control over Gaza Strip began in June 2007 after a coup where Fatah’s party was overthrown sparkling the blockade imposed over Palestine by Israel and Egypt. Earlier in January 2006, Hamas had narrowly won the popular vote in Parliamentary elections after a democratic election. Based on his actions after the narrow win, e.g. overthrowing Fatah as the ruler of Gaza strip, it is quite clear that the economic sanctions imposed by the US, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia were justified to be necessary so as to weaken his rule over Gaza Strip. This has been majorly due to the US stand on non corporation with terrorist organizations around the world.

Despite the negative impressions about the situation in Gaza, there has been notable improvement given the current moves taken by the Prime Minister to invite the Central Election Commission to Gaza Strip as a way to prepare the area for the forthcoming election. This brings hope to the Palestinians as they prepare for a new government after the presidential elections to be held in six months time.

The most notable criteria that should be used to determine whether the government should be recognized by the United States or not, depends on its association with terrorist groups. Such countries as the US and the European Union in general have been against terrorism activities in the Middle East, often advocating for democratic leadership in such areas. As such, as long as democracy is not observed in Gaza Strip, such existing economic sanctions imposed earlier will still exist.

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