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“Desiree’s baby” by Kate Chopin

Buy custom “Desiree’s baby” by Kate Chopin essay

Buy custom “Desiree’s baby” by Kate Chopin essay

The short story “Desiree’s baby” by Kate Chopin is a very moving and thought provoking piece of writing. It highlights the values people have and how they evolve with the change of the situation they find themselves in. With great irony it depicts the values of different people, and how they influence choices they make.

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One of the biggest ironies in this story is that the plot line of Armand. In the beginning of the story he is describe as the person from a very known family, he was carrying one of the most prestigious last naes in the whole Louisiana. And in the end he turned out to be the one who is of the race cursed with the slave image.

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The second irony in this story is that it seemed that the girl knew who was of the slave race in this family as she found the letter from Armand’s mother to his father.  But despite that she still left her husband and their home.

The third case of irony is that it was the second generation of the mothers in this family that loved their child so unconditionally and so selflessly despite the racial situation at that time. They both knew that their child was of the race that was branded with the image of slavery and inferiority and even despite that their child meant the world to them.  Armand has grown up to be mean to slaves and ignorant to their needs, as he did not know his true origin.

To sum up I would like to say that this story is eye opening and gives a great perspective on all the things from the side. The problems  can be viewed from the great perspective  from the side, and that is exactly what this  short  and heartbreaking  story gives us.

Buy custom “Desiree’s baby” by Kate Chopin essay

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