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The Papa’s Waltz

Buy custom The Papa’s Waltz essay

Buy custom The Papa’s Waltz essay

The poem as the adult recollection shows us the father would come home drunk and attempts to spend some quality with this son. Since they boy came up with the name to this act it is safe to assume that is has been happening quite frequently. His father smelled of alcohol and on his hands the kid could see the evidence of the some drunken fight his father encountered on the way home or at the bar. I do not believe that whatever was happening to the child was the abuse, it was more of the memory of the quality time with his father. As it seems that any other communication between them happened quit rarely. The name of the point itself is “The Papa’s Waltz ” is quite innocent, it was just another event of  time spent with his dad. He was holding for dear life to  his shirt just because he was not sure the father could hold him tight enough due to his drunken clumsiness.

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The girl on the beach is living inside her own reality- the frame, she is hiding behind it and is separating herself from the actual reality. She observing people that are fighting and screaming at each other amuses her, as they do not scream at her. Observing bodies and the images of those she gets  is a definite symbol for the issues she has with her body. She is in love with a boy and that  loud family  has distracted her from her inner fairy tale and thoughts about the boy who will never know she liked him. As her dreams get interrupted and the girl snaps out of her perfect dream world into the ugly reality of the people fighting she bursts into tears, for her  beautiful world shatters.

Buy custom The Papa’s Waltz essay

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