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Journal Review: “Paris is Burning”, “She’s May Dad”, “Bodies that Matter”

Buy custom Journal Review: “Paris is Burning”, “She’s May Dad”, “Bodies that Matter” essay

Buy custom Journal Review: “Paris is Burning”, “She’s May Dad”, “Bodies that Matter” essay

For this week journal review assignment, I managed to read through some of the chapters in the book while skimming and noting down personal thoughts and analysis. Notwithstanding, I managed to comprehend a passage which expounded fairly on the issue of gender perception. The author retorts that the aspect of gender perception is best examined through elements of material reflections of sex as well as sexuality, which conform to the body in most cases.

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The important fact to realize is that Butler embraces effective diction in the course of expounding on the reworking of a man’s body. Consequently, he asserts that, “the power of heterosexual hegemony” postulates distinctive features about matter of bodies, sex, as well as the resultant gender. According to his perception, Butler puts forth a formidable argument, which distinguishes power as an operative feature that determines levels of conformity to matters related to sex, as well as expounds on the perceived counts of workable sexual orientation.

In the course of evaluating my day to day relations with others, I figured out that my distinctive definition of sex was workable in accordance to the perception put forth by the society. Thus, with this book, Butlerexpands my thinking hence making me to be less judgmental about matters pertaining to issues of sexuality.

“She’s May Dad”

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Upon reading this novel, I realized that people’s self-interest in matters pertaining to finances is the true origins of all misdemeanors. The author uses Jay-Bo to depict the different aspects of a ruined family in which the man tries harder to dominant over his wife despite all odds. Moving forward, the author deploys some elements of irony especially because he depicts Jay-Bo as being inferior despite the efforts he puts-up to overcome the fear of losing dominance. His wife is the breadwinner of the family and this phenomenon puts him at an inferior position. Notably, the author writes, “hate destroys everything. Don’t let it destroy you…”and in my opinion, this phrase fills the reader with a fair imagination of true-to-life persons who find it challenging to accept the nature of modern realities. For instance, this phrase can be directed to those people who adhere to the traditional perceptions put forth about gender roles in respect to the position that should be played by both men and women in the society.

It is intriguing to learn thhat a man like Jay-Bo stays at home drinking beer whiles his son Collie and wife work in order to provide for his needs. According to the author, this aspect is the root cause of all ignorance surrounding him. As the story unfolds, it is captivating to learn whether Jay-Bo will learn the harder way of life given the fact that his wife is dead.

Paris is Burning

In the course of selecting a film to analyze and write-up a review about, I embarked on watching the film: ’Paris is Burning’. The overall theme of this film revolves around the different challenges associated with being an African-American gay male. In my opinion, I think that as every human being is born the aspect of being male or female does not necessary have to create an obstacle. However, with the film, the notion of being a black-gay- male adds more challenges than it could ever be imagined. According to the film, an African-American gay male struggles with such issues as his true roles, race, and sex. Despite the stereotyping notion attributed to this type of males, the character in the film fights the barriers put before him in order to prove that they are indeed accustomed to the gender roles, which have been assigned by the larger part of the society.

Buy custom Journal Review: “Paris is Burning”, “She’s May Dad”, “Bodies that Matter” essay

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