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A Good Personal Statement

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Handy Tips for Creating a Good Personal Statement

If you surveyed a group of ten people to find out if they understood personal statement writing, you would probably get different answers from each one. Even though most may not understand this type of essay, the majority are required to complete a minimum of one during their academic career. This useful guide is intended as an example of a personal statement or how one should be written. However, do note that the requirements and criteria of all institutions vary from one to another. When you are in doubt about what is needed, it is prudent to ask your institution to clarify their essay requirements. 

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Perhaps you could give this guide to your tutor and ask them to modify it in line with their specific instructions.

I. Provide a synopsis or summary. What do you want to convey in your personal statement writing?

Aim: To be effective, the best personal statement should offer a thesis statement followed by the main points, which should be supported with examples or evidence.

Include key data such as:

  • Examples from relevant sources, referenced with the writer’s name, article name or the title of the journal or textbook and when it was published.
  • The topic and areas that interest you. Let your audience know what your paper is about with well-chosen phrases or words.
  • Your purpose for writing a good personal statement.
  • Include a thesis statement. This may or may not be your reason for writing the personal statement.
  • Any supporting data you have.
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II. Assessing or critically analyzing your paper – Evaluate your paper for its strengths or possible shortcomings before handing it in.

Aim: Show you understand what your reader requires and show how you match any specified requirement.

1. Ask yourself the how, what, why and how not, what not and why not questions. Check that your custom paper is well structured and organized. Ask yourself:

  • How convincing is your paper? Is its message clear, does your work constitute a good personal statement and have you done sufficient research?
  • Are your sources credible? Is all the most important information accounted for? If not, what is missing?
  • Are any aspects over or under emphasized? If they have been, what are they?
  • Is your paper balanced in every respect?

III. Think about the possible reactions to your custom essay. Is it the best personal statement you could possibly write and does it describe your experience?

Aim: Take care to relay your motivation and experience to your readership.

1. Ask yourself the following:

  • Does your paper make interesting reading? If not, do you need help with personal statement writing?
  • Have you been tactful? Will anyone be upset by your work? If you think so, who will be upset and why?
  • Have you got your key message across?
  • What strikes you most when you re-read your paper?
  • Are any aspects particularly striking?
  • Is your work similar to any other you have seen online or elsewhere? If yes, do a comparison to establish if there are areas for improvement in yours.
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