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How to Prepare a Memo Appropriately

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A memo is a piece of writing used by almost all business entities. It serves the purpose of providing the employees working in different company departments with important business data. When writing a memo, special attention should be paid to the way it is arranged in, the format in other words.

Structural Components of a Memo

  • Headings

A header is the first section of a memorandum. It provides data about the writer, addressee, topic, date, and the names of those who may come across the sent piece of writing. A lot of organizations use a shorter version of the header which is located at the top of the page.

It should be stated that there is no a fixed order of the header elements. You can locate them in a way which you consider the most convenient for the recipients. The majority of senders also confirm the authenticity of the note by leaving their name at the end of a piece of writing. If your memorandum is more than one page in length, another heading is to be inserted on extra pages.

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  • Summary

Lengthy memos usually include a brief summary following an introduction. It helps readers understand whether it is worth reading the document till the end. Summaries are very useful especially if the memoranda discuss a very complex subject. Note that the length of a summary should correlate with that of the whole document.

  • Topic Headings

Headings divide the memorandum into separate parts and help readers grasp its chief idea. If such a piece of writing does not include any headings, it will be just a plain mundane text. Therefore, every time you start discussing a new point, mark it with a new heading. Remember that headings have to be clear and typed in a font that differs from that applied to the rest of the text.

  • Style

Keep in mind that a memorandum is not a piece of writing assigned by a professor in Literature. You have to convey your message to readers in a clear and succinct way. It is not worth using some complex expressions to sound more insightful. Clarity is what you should be focused on.

  • Spaces

The text within the passages has to be single-spaced, while that between the passages – double-spaced. Make short passages, as they are easy to follow.

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  • Introductory Unit

As it is known, memoranda serve as a means of recording and transferring data. Since the addresses may not always understand the importance of your message, you need to create an introduction outlining the peculiarities of the content, namely:

  1. The topic and goal of the memorandum (what made you compose a paper);
  2. Meaningful content details (names, dates, etc.);
  3. A preview of the paper content (tell the recipients what the text is about).
  • Tone of Writing

Your note has to be produced professionally. It is not recommended to use slang and jargon. The best way is to apply a conversational tone the one which you would use when talking to your professor.

When writing business notes, apply the tone which you find suitable for communicating with the indicated recipients, e.g. colleagues or those occupying higher ranks.

  • Ending

Not all memoranda need concluding statements that are intrinsic for more formal documents. Still, some of them require defining the so-called recommendations for the future or responses. If this is the case, you should conclude your note in a way that will leave place for a response. Your conclusion has to be reasonable. Exclude clichés.

  • Credentials

A signature block is not included into the memo format. Nonetheless, it is worth writing your credentials (in pen) beside your name and a heading.

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