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Interviews can be often seen in newspapers and different kinds of magazines. The purpose of the interview is to provide information about a specific issue, event, subject, etc. and find out readers’ viewpoint on it. Such a piece of writing serves a firm basis for the academic project called an interview paper. Before you begin composing you work, we offer you to learn more about the way it should be written in.

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Details on How to Write an Interview Essay

The main function of an interview is to give an insight about the discussed occasion, event, matter, etc. by presenting the respondents’ answers to the posed queries. The received responses should be analyzed and arranged in the right order, and then inserted in your essay. What are the key peculiarities of the writing procedure?

  1. Identify the goal of your project. Select the subject.
  2. Compile a list of queries you intend to pose.
  3. Choose your interviewees.
  4. Carry out an interview and put down all responses.
  5. Analyze the received answers and think how to introduce them in your work
  6. Proceed to interview paper writing stage. Stick to the selected format and make a clear structure.

If you are entirely familiar with the main features of such a writing project as an interview, you may begin producing your outline.

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Interview Essay Outline: Planning and Formatting

It is worth starting your work with a detailed outline. It will illustrate the organizational mode of your interview and help you emphasize the importance of the chief points of your essay. What are the basic sections of an outline?

  1. Introduction. Present your subject matter in a way that will capture readers’ attention.
  2. Thesis statement. It is the phrase that provides information about the interviewee and the matter in question. Here, you can also highlight the core idea of your interview.
  3. Main body (3 paragraphs). Every paragraph should present either diverse ideas expressed by one interviewee or the opinions on the topic given by different interlocutors.
  4. Concluding section. In this part, you need to build up a vivid picture of the interviewee. Alternatively, you can create a conclusion based on the interviewee’s responses.

Before identifying the data to be presented in each paragraph, it is required to pick a suitable interview essay format. There are different ways of arranging an interview. The ones listed below are considered to be the main interview formats.

  • Narration. You can present not only the interviewee’s direct speech but also rephrase their thoughts with the help of quotations and add your own ideas.
  • Conversation. This form of an interview is less strict than other formats. Here, you can address readers by using the first or second person narration.
  • Questions-answers form. If you intend to write an interview paper using this structural mode, you will be supposed to convey the interviewee’s quotes in their exact words without any alterations.

Stick to the format by means of which you will be able to not only highlight the core of your essay in the best way but also get an excellent grade.

Our seasoned experts can help you in writing an interview paper up to quality standards. They have vast experience what lets them professionally cover any topic and create a fantastic paper. Thus, do not delay buying your interview from our agency!

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Ordering projects from us is quite easy. You should:

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  3. After receiving money transfer confirmation, our expert will commence managing your assignment. You can monitor your interview progress and communicate with your experts via your account.
  4. A prepared interview will be scanned for plagiarism and edited.
  5. Log in to your cabinet to get your essay.

Our major goal is to give you expert assistance in composing your interview paper. Therefore, feel free to reach us anytime!

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